What’s Happening?

Quilt  Raffle

All proceeds benefit Countryside Veterinary’s Annie’s Fund

Annie’s fund is a savings account that our staff uses from time to time to help out a needy pet family.  This might include money to help pay for a life saving operation or medicine for a sick pet.  Our focus for this fund is elderly clients or others who are on a fixed income.
Donations into this account are made throughout the year by our generous clients, through raffles, And other fundraisers.  This is a small gesture, but every little bit helps when a pet has an unexpected illness.

One ticket for $1.00 or six tickets for $5.00

Winner will be announced October 1,  2014

Quilt on display at Umpqua Bank. Tickets must be purchased here at Countryside Veterinary.












She was the winner of Kindle Fire. Diane has many sweet dogs who take Merial flea products. Thank you Merial for donating the Kindle Fire for the raffle.  Watch for more fun raffles in the future!




A venomous snake bite is a life-threatening emergency.  A “snake-bite vaccine” is useful if you’re in an area that has venomous snakes.  The vaccine creates protective antibodies that are useful in neutralizing the venom.  It lessens the severity of signs if your dog is bitten. On average, antibody levels in recently vaccinated dogs are  comparable to treatment with three vials of antivenin. Antivenin is a commercially produced serum that neutralizes the effects of the venom. It is extremely expensive and can have side effects. Even if the dog is vaccinated, it will still need to be examined by a veterinarian. Our veterinarian’s knowledge and experience will help determine the appropriate treatment for your dog.  Call today to set your appointment to get your dog the Rattlesnake Vaccine.























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